UK backs campaigners on HIV/Aids control

Kigali: Under fire from campaigners for doing less to improve health care in developing countries, the UK is backing calls to combat the spread of HIV through renewed investment into the sector,... Read more »

HIV: Antiretroviral uptake more than 60 percent

Kigali: With HIV prevalence running low at just 3%, the number of infected people taking up medication has now reached 64 percent – among those that need the life-saving treatment, new figures... Read more »

HIV testing: Campaign out to change the “No Please”

Kigali: Ms. Domina had been pushing her husband for sex, but when he eventually gave in, she was adamant - that not until he tested for HIV. He insisted on using the... Read more »

Calls for equity funding in HIV programs

Kigali: Delegates to the just concluded high-level Paediatric conference have recommended that all national components in the fight against HIV be given equal attention, RNA report.   

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Diabetes common in southern Rwanda – study shows

Southern Province: People living in areas of southern Rwanda are prone to have diabetes than counterparts from the east because the southerners seem to take some essential foods for granted or do... Read more »

La famille est le meilleur centre psychiatrique

Kigali: La culture rwandaise a toujours prêché une distanciation face à un malade mental. « Un malade mental est, jusqu’à l’heure actuelle, plus stigmatisé qu’un tuberculeux alors que ce dernier est le... Read more »

Chronic bilharzia can cause cancer – govt study shows

Kigali: Schistomiasis or bilharzia caused by exposure to snails and living around large water bodies could cause cancer if it is not treated immediately, a workshop heard Thursday in Kigali.

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More to antiretroviral treatment, NO to stigma counts

Kigali: Constantin Murenzi sits outside his small muddy house recalling the days of his fame in the 1940 as trainer of a traditional dancing troupe during the reign of King Mutara Rudahigwa.... Read more »

La tuberculose, une réalité à Rubavu

Province du Nord: Comme dans tous les pays en voie de développement, la tuberculose reste un problème majeur de santé publique. Le Rwanda étant parmi ceux-là, la tuberculose occupe une place non... Read more »

Les maladies cardio-vasculaires au Rwanda : Un tueur à la bouche cousue !

Kigali : «Le cœur est à la vie ce qu'est le moteur à une automobile, » comparait le Docteur André Musemakweri Directeur du Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Butare lors des célébrations de... Read more »