CHOGM: Traffic Advisory for June 21, 2022

Rwanda National Police (RNP) informs the general public that some roads in City of Kigali will be temporarily restricted on Tuesday, June 21, to facilitate delegates arriving for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) as well as those attending related events that are already underway.

The roads reserved for CHOGM delegates are: Serena Hotel – Payage – Sopetrad – Kimicanga – Kimihurura – Gishushu – Gisimenti – Giporoso – Nyandungu – At 15 – Mulindi – Inyange Industries – Intare Arena.

Kigali International Airport – Giporoso – Gisementi – Kigali Convention Centre – Serena Hotel.

Kigali International Airport – Kabeza – Giporoso – Gisementi – KCC – Serena Hotel.

Road users are advised to use the following available alternative routes.

Motorists from Kabuga area and Eastern Province will access Kigali through Musambi – road behind Intare Arena parking lot – Mulindi – Gasogi – Musave – Special Economic Zone – Nayinzira – Kimironko – Controle technique – Nyabisindu – Gishushu – Kabuga ka Nyarutarama – Utexrwa – Kinamba.

Mulindi – Kanombe through Kajagali – Nyarugunga Health Center – Busanza – Itunda or Rubirizi – Kabeza – Niboye – Kicukiro centre – Gitwaza – Rwandex – Kanogo – Kinamba.

Kinamba – Yamaha – Gereza – Onatracom.

There are also crossing points at Payage, Gishushu, Gisimenti, Prince House, At 12, At 15 and Mulindi junctions, when given permission.

Reserved roads are not closed for traffic. There will be minor interruptions only when giving right of way to delegates’ convoy, and thereafter, traffic flow will resume.

Road users are urged to continue to bear with the changes and to respect traffic rules and regulations as well as abide by the instructions that will be given to them by Police officers, who are deployed along the road to facilitate smooth traffic flow.

For further clarification, the public can call the Police on 9003 (toll-free) and 0788311155.(End)