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Need for innovation in sanitation

On the second day of the Conference, participants moved into six working groups. They discussed various themes - such as: monitoring of sanitation and hygiene emphasising the number of toilets; the experience of sanitation marketing; successful sanitation in rapidly growing cities; the economics of sanitation for advocacy and decision making.

The groups also addressed the links between agriculture and productive sanitation; implementing of Ecosan in Africa (updating); and Impact of sanitation and hygiene on health.

The meeting discussed the experiences, challenges and prospects for sanitation and hygiene in Africa.

Delegates also discussed the approach: "Strengthen what works: behavioural change in sanitation and hygiene". Another aspect considered was financing sustainable behavioural change in sanitation and hygiene in low-income countries.

The role of the private sector providing sustainable sanitation was also debated. The Mayor of Kigali City, Mr. Fidele Ndayisaba discussed Rwanda’s successes with particular focus on Kigali City’s environmental sanitation and hygiene measures. He also discussed new developments in the disposal of excreta as a matter of urgency and the longer-term impact of the coverage of movable latrine technology.

The conference also discussed innovations in multilateral funding for sanitation education. Delegates then moved to latest global campaign WASH: Reassessment of human waste.

Availing sanitation to the underserved communities, as well as equity in sanitation and hygiene for Africa, were also debated. Global public-private partnerships for washing hands or the integration of behavioural change for hand washing also got significant debate time.

Also brought to debate table, was how large companies could go beyond charitable sanitation, to providing sanitation for the poor. Other themes touched on how sanitation can be decentralized to the mindset and practice in Africa? Delegates shared the notion that a possible solution could be to provide a radical innovation for the poor.



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