Incumbent Kagame launches re-election bid in Kigali (exclusive pictures)


Kigali: The ruling Rwanda Patriotic Front (RPF) launched its massive campaign drive for its candidate Paul Kagame with a kick-off rally at Amahoro Stadium on Tuesday (July 20). Tens-of-thousands of RPF supports came out to see their leader, the stadium was at capacity by the early afternoon. RNA brings you the exclusive moments in pictures. (All photos by Margaret Cappa)

President Kagame laid out his campaign platform around 6:00 in the evening, which includes more gender equality, infrastructure, foreign investment and better healthcare.

“Every Rwandese should have cash in their pocket,” he said

For the second day of campaigning, the RPF heads to Rulindo and Gakenke in northern Rwanda.

The charged crowd filled the stadium to its brim (All Photos by Margaret Cappa)



Even Presidents let loose and dance



Eruptions of cheers were common in President Kagame’s campaign platform speech



A sea of red, white and blue flooded Amahoro Stadium



Smiling and waving, Kagame walked around the perimeter of the of the stadium shaking supporters’ hands



Uncontrolled excitement. Many RPF supporters wait over seven hours to see their leader, Paul Kagame


“Tora, Tora Kagame” was sung endlessly by the thousands in attendance



RPF and young: People of all ages came clad in Kagame t-shirts and hats.


“Ni wowe! Ni wowe!” cheered the crowds to Kagame, meaning, “It’s you! It’s you.”



Local entertainers including Miss JoJo and Kitoko kept the crowd pumped. Those who couldn't see the stage watched on the big screen



RNA reporter Margaret Cappa can be seen with the "Kagame Paul" writing to background formed by supporters (Photo: André Gakwaya)