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DAY EIGHT: PL heads to where Kagame was promised 100% votes

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Kigali: When incumbent President Kagame was in the border district of Rubavu (Northern Province) on Friday last week, he found a large writing on a hill over-looking the city committing 100 percent votes. The Liberal Party (PL) is now campaigning there Tuesday.

On Friday, Rubavu had this inscription "RPF Vote Kagame Paul 100" on a hill just over looking town (Photo by Margaret Cappa)

Prosper Higiro (PL) will hold a rally there this morning at the same Nyundo spot where the RPF had a massive crowd with activities that have so far remained exclusive for only Rubavu.

Indifferent from other districts, Ruvabu people showed their messages to the RPF candidate through drama and song. Perhaps the most moving was a presentation by a group of Muslim woman, who were dressed from head-to-toe in RPF colours, as they sung, and chanted – with drumming to their aide.

After Rubavu, PL will move to rural Nyabihu district – just west. The area is largely a fishing community – as it borders Lake Kivu, with sparsely populated organisation due to the hilly terrain.

As for the RPF, it will be campaigning just south of Kigali, in rural Kamonyi district, and later in Ruhango – which is close to Huye (Butare) in the South.

53-years ago, President Kagame was born in Gitarama – now Muhanga, and both Kamonyi and Ruhango border it. When he was in Muhanga, he got one of the biggest receptions of his campaign trail so far.

However, now the President has no known attachment to Gitarama – as his country home in the eastern province.

Incidentally, the Party for Prosperity and Concord (PPC) candidate Dr. Alvera Mukabaramba will be in the same campaigning area as PL. The two are both in Rubavu, but PPC will be there in the afternoon. 

Mukabaramba had to abandon her campaign on Monday in Musanze after it emerged that PL had already booked to be there from the National Electoral Commission (NEC).

As for the Social Democratic Party (PSD) flag-bearer, Dr. Jean Damascene Ntawukuriryayo, he is taking his vote-searching to Karongo and Rutsiro districts – where President Kagame was on Monday.


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