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Kagame warns: “We will fight whoever starts a war against us”

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Bugesera: From telling western critics they can hang, incumbent President Kagame now says for those planning war, they had better take a second chance to think over their plans. This is after an exiled ex-spy chief said President Kagame like other ‘dictators’ don’t step down, they are ‘brought down’.

"We will fight whoever starts a war against us,” said Kagame in Bugesera district on the latest leg of his campaigns. “Rwandan must be allowed to make their choice…whoever is not happy can die of envy.”

Without singling out any specific individuals or groups, the RPF candidate said nobody will scare Rwandans with threats of war.

Ex-spy chief Col Patrick Karegeya, who is in South Africa with wounded Lt. Gen. Kayumba Nyamwasa, said in an interview with a Ugandan tri-weekly The Observer that only armed rebellion would remove President Kagame.

“A dictator can never step down, they are brought down. It’s only Rwandans who can stand up now and fight for their freedom. Kagame will have his breaking point and I think it will be very soon,” Karegeya said.

In a firry speech – a tactic he has employed since Friday last week, President Kagame told Bugesera that critics are wrong to suggest that since everybody supports RPF, then there is no democracy in Rwanda. 

"Some falsely claim that Rwanda has no democracy because everybody supports RPF," said Kagame.

"Who told them this is not democracy. If they want the truth then let them inquire from Rwandans, and residents of Bugesera in particular."

He added: "Democracy and development are twins not enemies. Each requires the other."

The President started DAY FIFTEEN of the campaign trail with a large rally at Nyabugogo here in Kigali for the morning, before he moved to Bugesera around mid-day. By press time, the RPF candidate was in Kicukiro district – also here in Kigali.



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