DAY SIXTEEN: Mukabaramba goes to Cyangugu


President Kagame holds a baby in Kicukiro district (Kigali) on Tuesday evening as he campaigned there (Photo: PPU)

Kigali: The Party for Prosperity and Concord (PPC) reopens its campaign with two rallies in western Rwanda areas bordering DR Congo. PPC was off the trail for a rest on Tuesday.

Party chief Dr Mukabaramba Alvera will lead her block to rural Nyamasheke district for the mid-afternoon, and later in the border district of Rusizi.

The RPF candidate, incumbent president Paul Kagame is starting his campaigns in the Eastern Province with Kirehe and Ngoma districts (formerly Kibungo prefecture).

In Kirehe, President Kagame is holding a press conference – the second from the one held on July 20 before he launched his campaign with a massive rally the same day in the Amahoro stadium in Kigali. 

Going by the tone of his campaign message in which he has fiercely complained about the international media and rights organisations, he is expected to add up to the same message. There are dozens of international journalists following up President Kagame's campaign.

The major contender in the polls, Dr Jean Damascene Ntawukuriryayo (PSD) will be working on wooing Kayonza and Rwamagana districts (both in the eastern province).

This means the two biggest parties RPF and PSD are campaigning in the same province.

The Liberal Party (PL) will be heading to Nyanza and Ruhango districts – both in the South. Its candidate has been struggling to compete with RPF and PSD – taking up two districts daily.

The press conference was canceled and is scheduled for Saturday (Editor)