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DAY EIGHTEEN: RPF-PPC in Kigali, PL-PSD head for South

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Kigali: A coincidence? Not really! But the four contenders for the August 09 poll will be campaigning in the same areas as they race to search for some of the last votes.

The RPF is keeping its candidate Paul Kagame in the East for the morning and mid afternoon. There will be a rally in Kayonza district – neighbouring where the RPF campaigned yesterday.

For the mid afternoon, Kagame will head towards Kigali, for what is expected to be another big campaign spot in Rwamagana district. Then later, the incumbent will be in Nyamirambo – a vibrant part of Kigali.

Available data suggests that in 2003, President Kagame got very small backing from Nyamirambo. The area has largely turned into a Muslim home, and the President has not wasted anytime to deliver there.

Internal Security Minister Sheikh Musa Fazil Harelimana is a prominent member of this place and society. The National Mufti Habimana Swalleh has in recent years got closer to the ruling block.

Barely two months ago, the formerly impassable main road from Kigali city to Nyamirambo has been tarmacked, and is probably the best-looking in Kigali – with lots of street lighting. Business is sprawling along the road because there is no longer the dust the lane has been known for.

Meanwhile, the PPC candidate Dr Alvera Mukabaramba will also be in Rwamagana district before the RPF arrives there. Later in the day, she will be campaigning in Kicukiro district, another part of Kigali.

PL will be selling its flag-bearer Prosper Higiro in Ruhango district – to the south, as will be PSD’s Dr Jean Damascene Ntawukuriryoyo in Kamonyi district.

In other news, the NEC was on Thursday meeting all the 1.394 observers including from the Commonwealth, African Union, EAC, local civil society and the competing political parties.



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