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DAY NINETEEN: Campaigns end with RPF-PSD in Kigali

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Kigali; Two of the top contenders for the Monday polls PSD and RPF are in Kigali – as the race they make final pledges. PPC and PL are out of town.

Even the RPF rally was to be at Bumbogo – in Gasabo district, the entire Kigali is laden with RPF colours in different forms. There are ribbons with the Blue/Red/White ruling colours tied to trees along the roads. There are banners at major junctions, marked with the photos of the RPF candidates everywhere they eye can see.

Buses, private cars and trucks could be seen everywhere carrying RPF supporters singing and chanting. Even PSD is also in town – campaigning in Nyamirambo where Kagame was yesterday, the town has turned to RPF colours.

PL will be in Muhanga – to the South for the final rally. PPC will for its part be courting the people of Nyagatare and Gatsibo – which are both RPF strongholds.

The NEC for its part said Friday that campaigning would come to an end today, and there will be no open rallies till D-DAY.

Vote-searching will continue underground as different sides try to maintain there electorates or eat into those of other candidates.


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