Kagame flies high in 11 districts, heads to stadium for fete

Tuesday, 10 August 2010 04:59 by RNA Reporters

Kigali: Provisional results published by the National Electoral Commission early Tuesday morning suggest incumbent President Kagame heading for a landslide victory back into Village Urugwiro for another seven years. One of the losing parties PSD has already conceded defeat.

Losing team: Dr. Jean Damascene Ntawukuliryayo (PSD); Prosper Higiro (PL); Dr. Alvera Mukabaramba (PPC)

Preliminary results from eleven districts gave President Kagame 1.610.422 votes out of 1.734.671 votes cast – giving the RPF candidate some 92.9 percent.

The remaining votes were shared among Dr. Jean Damascene Ntawukuliryayo (PSD); Prosper Higiro (PL); Dr. Alvera Mukabaramba (PPC).

From the tallies released at 03:55, show Ntawukuriryayo (PSD) trying to scoop some votes but could only attract 4.9 percent of the votes from the eleven districts that have finished submitting their tallies.

Higiro and his PL party garnered just 1.5 percent, as Mukabaramba managed to bring in just 0.7% votes from these districts.

Immediately NEC chief, Prof Chrysologue Karangwa finished releasing these results, President Kagame arrived in the Amahoro Stadium where tens of thousands had been partying for RPF victory all night. The First Lady Jeannette Kagame had come in earlier.

The districts done include: Nyaruguru (South), Rwamagana (East), Rutsiro (West), Karongi (West), Kirehe (East), Gakenke (North), Nyarugenge (Kigali), Nyanza (South), Rubavu (North), Kayonza (East) and Ruhango (South).

A review of these districts brings out Ruhango – which is the birth place of President Kagame – even when he currently has a country home in Eastern Rwanda. In Ruhango, Kagame bagged 93.2 percent of the votes there.

Rutsiro district which was reportedly the first district to finish voting by 08:00 on polling day, gave Kagame 92.9 %.

In Kirehe district, the home area of Higiro, the PL flag bearer picked up just 1.4 percent of the votes – as the district swung heavily in favour of incumbent Kagame.

19 districts are yet to declare their tallies, but NEC boss Karangwa said the eleven districts could give a “direction” of which way the final results are likely to lead.

Accepting the preliminary results, President Kagame told the thousands of jubilant supporters that the “victory was for a new Rwanda”.

“An RPF win is victory for Rwanda. For all Rwandans,” he said, amid loud chanting, singing and dancing in the stadium.

He said the RPF supporters can now wait with satisfaction for the final results due on Wednesday. These are just numbers, he said, because the victory is already there.

After his firry speech, there was fireworks display in the stadium as the drinking, eating and dancing continued – this time with more intensity. 

Across Kigali, loud cheers could be heard, along with car honking. People with RPF flags, posters and any material they could find, could be seen on top of cars.

Earlier during the day, after casting his vote at the Rugunga polling station here in Kigali, Kagame told reporters the vote was "very democratic," and dismissed accusations of intimidation.

"The people of Rwanda were free to stand for election, those who wanted to, and to qualify, so I see no problem," he said after casting his vote. "Some sections of the media seem to be reading from a different page."

Meanwhile, the second party from the results, PSD already has conceded defeat and wished President Kagame success as he takes the seven-year mantle.

President Kagame should be sworn in on September 12.