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Government spending Rwf 600m on election parties

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Kigali: The Ministry of Local Government Tuesday granted some Rwf 40,000 to each of all the thousands of villages across the country – known here as ‘UMUDUGUDU’ for after-election parties, RNA can exclusively reveal.

Tens of thousands spent Monday night till Tuesday morning eating, drinking - with treat to fireworks, to celebrate the RPF victory (Photo:

Since 2000, Rwanda has been divided into 5 provinces (Kigali city and 4 other provinces). These provinces altogether are in return subdivided into 30 districts, 416 sectors, 2,188 cells and 15,155 villages or “Imidugudu”.

The Minister of Local Government, through the Sectors is reported to have given the heads of each Umudugudu some Rwf 40,000 for a get-together party Tuesday afternoon, sources told RNA.

This means that government will be spending Rwf 606,200,000 ($1.025million) on the parties that were taking place at village level across the country by press time. 

Sources said the money had two purposes: celebrate the successful election which took place Monday amid peaceful campaigning by all the parties for the last three weeks; and the victory of the President-elect Paul Kagame.

“However, the emphasis is on first purpose because people in Imidugudu belong to different parties,” said the source.


With all employees and employers granted a holiday on Tuesday, it was party mood across Kigali and different communities got together to celebrate the Kagame victory.

On Monday, tens of thousands spent all night to Tuesday morning in the Amahoro stadium treated to free eats, drinks, music, fireworks and a home for a night, for those who have none.

This particular Amahoro party was organised by the victorious RPF.


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