Kagame swearing to be streamed live online


Kigali: Preparations are in high gear in Kigali and across the country for the fun-fare which will grip the country on Monday as president-elect Paul Kagame takes the oath of office. Those living outside the country have not been forgotten.

Beginning Monday morning as tens of thousands will be flowing to the Amahoro National Stadium – along with the high profile dignitaries expected, all the ceremonies will be streamed live online, according to the Ministry of Information. 

The same broadcast will be live on state TV and giant screens that are being erected outside the stadium. 

Those outside Rwanda can simply log on to www.orinfor.gov.rw, the website of the state broadcaster and publishing company.

Across the country, every Mudugudu or village has been given 50,000 Francs (Approx. $90) which residents of the village will use for the party. 

It had been planned that screens be installed at village level to enable the entire country to follow the Amahoro stadium proceedings live, according to Information Ministry Director General Ignatius Kabagambe, but the plan was dropped due to cost.

Officials were advised that it could be a logistical nightmare to have such a mechanism as there are some 15,155 villages or Imidugudu. 

Then another plan was worked out to have screens at Sector level but it was also abandoned.

Now, the planners of what is expected to be a mega celebration are putting all their resources on Amahoro stadium where they say some 100,000 people are likely to be within and outside.

Officials are planning for some 60,000 people on the exterior of the stadium. For those outside, they will be treated to a concert of local and regional musicians before the official start of functions inside the stadium.

They will then switch to watching what will be happening inside on the giant screens which will be around the stadium.

The day-long event will be live on state TV and radio.