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Swine flu hits 75 in Uganda

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Kigali: Uganda is in the midst of a spreading swine flue with the country now registering 75 laboratory confirmed cases, 38 of which are from schools and the remaining 37 from the general population, reports indicate.

The spread in western Ugandan schools forced government this week to ban any visits to schools by anybody including parents. Despite all its neighbours having the virus, Rwanda remains free – but officials say unless strict border control measures are put in place, the virus could hit the country.  

So far, 206 samples have already been taken from about five schools in central Uganda for testing to confirm these suspicions, the Monitor reported Friday.

The first victim of the H1N1 influenza virus commonly known as Swine flu in Uganda was a British visitor who tested positive on July 1. Since then, four schools have been hit by the virus, with a dramatic escalation since mid-August.

Meanwhile, as Rwanda recovers from a major cholera epidemic, the Ugandan capital Kampala now has 26 cases. Cholera is reportedly spreading rapidly around Uganda with the current rainy season. The other affected districts are Busia, Bugiri and Kasese.

In eastern DR Congo, up to 8,000 people are infected with up to 100 already dead.

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