Illegal fishing: Ten arrested in Lake Kivu

Police Marine operations conducted in Lake Kivu on Friday, July 24, against illegal fishing arrested ten poachers. The successful operations aimed at fighting illegal fishing were conducted by Nkora Marine station in collaboration with the fishing Union in Rutsiro District.

 The Marine Commanding Officer (CO), Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Elias Mwesigye said that the operation was conducted on the Islands of Mafundugu and Nyanamo in Sector Musasa of Rutsiro District, where 16 wooden boats and 15 rolls of illicit fishing nets known as kaningini that were being used by the poachers, were also seized.

“On Mafundugu Island, we arrested six poachers and impounded nine boats and seven rolls of illicit fishing nets. On Nyanamo Island, we arrested four poachers, impounded seven boats and eight rolls of illicit and destructive fishing gears,” ACP Mwesigye said.

He added: β€œThe poachers committed, among others, illegal fishing, environmental degradation and violation of measures against the spread of covid-19, since they had no facemasks.”

The seized boats and fishing nets, he said, will be disposed-of. (End)