Jordanian Minister of Tourism visits Nyandungu Eco Park

Jordanian Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Makram Mustafa Queisi has visited Nyandungu Eco Park, which represents the single largest addition to public green space in Kigali in the city’s history.

Minister Makram Mustafa Queisi is leading a delegation from Jordan on a four-day visit to Rwanda aimed to foster mutual relations between Jordan and Rwanda as well as explore opportunities for collaboration in tourism. 

During his visit at Nyandungu Eco Park, Minister Makram Mustafa Queisi was with his delegation and Rwandan officials including RDB Chief Tourism Officer Michaëlla Rugwizangoga, Director General of REMA (Rwanda Environment Management Authority) Juliet Kabera,  and Rwanda Green Fund CEO Teddy Mpinganzima Mugabo.  

They toured Nyandungu Eco Park and explored avenues for cooperation and mutual learning in green financing and eco-tourism. 

Jordanian Minister commended Rwanda’s efforts to restore degraded wetlands and environment in general, saying that these efforts not only benefit the environment and biodiversity, but also communities living around restored environment.

The Nyandungu Eco-Park provides a space of 120 hectares for residents and visitors to the city to explore and learn from nature, and is part of Rwanda’s efforts to harness eco-tourism to restore biodiversity and conserve urban wetland ecosystems.

Nyandungu Eco Park features a medicinal garden, a Pope’s Garden, five catchment ponds, three recreation ponds, an information centre, a restaurant as well as more than 8km of walkways and bicycle lanes.

The restoration of the wetland and creation of an eco-tourism park was funded by the Rwanda Green Fund (FONERWA) with support from the UK Government, the Italian Government through the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the UN Environment Programme. (End)