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Two stolen motorcycles recovered, suspects arrested

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Kigali: Two motorcycles, which were reportedly stolen in the night of Saturday in the City of Kigali, have been recovered from two suspected thieves. Police spokesperson for the City of Kigali, Supt. Emmanuel Hitayezu said that the two suspected thieves identified as Vedaste Uwiringiyimana, 26, and Jean Pierre Ntawuvugabose, 37, who were found with the stolen commercial motorcycles, were also taken into custody.

“Both motorcycles were intercepted from the thieves in Nduba Sector of Gasabo District, by the night patrol, who took them into custody and currently detained at Nduba Police station,” Supt. Hitayezu said.

It is alleged that the suspects stole one motorcycle RC 326A from its parking in Remera in Gasabo and fled to Nduba.

While in Nduba, the two also stole another another motorcycle RC 245C in Gasanze cell where the owner had parked it in front of a bar, where he was having good moments.

“The suspects, while fleeing with the first stolen motorcycle, parked next to another motorcycle (RC 245C) in Nduba and entered the bar; when they came out, as a trick to prevent being suspected, they first took the motorcycle they found there, hid it and came back,” Hitayezu said.

He added: “When the owner came out, he could find his motorcycle, in the due process, the two suspects came back to take the motorcycle they had left behind, and the security guard, who saw them leave with the missing motorcycle, identified them. They were immediately arrested by security night patrol in the area and they led them to where they hid it.”

The spokesperson, who warned individuals, who seek money and development through criminal acts, said that although there's is security, people should also be conscious and take precaution especially in wee hours and in remote places.

Theft under article 300 of the penal code attracts a prison sentence of between six months and two years, and a fine of two to five times the value of what was stolen. (End)


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