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Karongi school head teacher arrested for drug trafficking

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Kigali: A school head teacher in Rutsiro District has been arrested after he was caught red-handed with 6,168 pellets of cannabis. He is to face drug trafficking charges in court.

Serge Ntagara, 38, the head teacher of Bugarura Primary School was apprehended in the Gisanze Cell in Rubengera Sector while riding on a motorcycle with the drugs disguised in a bag full of maize and sorghum grains.

Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) Innocent Gasasira the Western Region Police Spokesperson confirmed the incident, saying the suspect had concealed the drugs in a sack in the guise of transporting only farm produce. CIP Gasasira disclosed that the arrest was made after a member of the community informed police that Ntagara had been seen concealing the drugs in the bottom of the bag before pouring in the maize and other farm produce, to complete the subterfuge.

“Police laid an impromptu road block after getting all the information on the suspect, including the motorcycle’s plate number,” said CIP Gasasira.

He wondered why educators; the very people expected to be mentors and guides of the moral development of current and future generations would indulge in such criminal conduct.

“The penalty for possessing drugs by people who we entrust to educate our kids should be severe enough to deter them forever!” said one irritated parent who did not want to be named. He suggested there should be more detailed background checks for school leaders before jobs are offered.

Investigation into the trafficking case is ongoing as the suspect is being detained at Rubengera Police Station. “Growing, making, selling, transforming, transporting, storing and consumption of narcotic drugs and illicit substances are prohibited and punishable by law in Rwanda,” reminded CIP Gasasira.

Article 594 of the Rwandan penal code stipulates that any person who unlawfully makes, transforms, imports or sells narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances within the country shall be liable to a term of imprisonment of three to five years, and a fine of between Frw 500,000 to 5 million. (End)


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