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Over 900 graduate from Iwawa Rehabilitation Centre

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Kigali: The National Rehabilitation Service (NRS) is organising the 16th Graduation Ceremony for youth rehabilitated in Iwawa Rehabilitation Centre, located on Iwawa Island of Kivu Lake, Rutsiro District.

In this event to take place on 14th September 2018, 905 youths who benefited rehabilitation services (psychosocial and medical treatment) and Technical, Vocational Education and Training courses like carpentry, masonry, tailoring, agriculture, crop production with literacy and numeracy, motorcycle driving and other crosscutting courses under the lead of the Workforce Development Authority (WDA); will be given certificates of completion of the training and go back in their respective families.

Counseling sessions, special health care and vocational skills provided to the youth will enable them to leave the centre with positive values, get employment and play an active role in the social economic development of our country.

Speaking about the graduation ceremony, the Director General of the National Rehabilitation Service Mr. Aimé Bosenibamwe called upon local authorities and the civil society to play an active role in the social economic reintegration of young people who graduate from rehabilitation centres.

“Parenting, reforming behaviours and providing guidance to the youth is a continuous process. Parents are urged to educate their children to avoid drug abuse and delinquency from their childhood. We are striving for a better future of our youth and a country without drug abuse and delinquency,” he said.

“We also call upon the Rwandan community to always provide a warm welcome to the youth graduating from rehabilitation centres and facilitate their social reintegration in the community because they leave rehabilitation centres with adequate attitudes and behaviours that are not detrimental to the community,” he added.

The 16th Graduation Ceremony of youths rehabilitated in Iwawa Rehabilitation Centre will be attended by different dignitaries including representatives from various Government institutions, the Ambassador of the Netherlands, and others.

Iwawa Rehabilitation Centre is one of the three rehabilitation centres of the National Rehabilitation Service which are:

Iwawa Rehabilitation Centre located in Rutsiro District, in which male delinquents of over 18 years old who exhibit deviant behaviours are rehabilitated.

Gitagata Rehabilitation Centre located in Bugesera District, in which children under 18 years old who exhibit deviant behaviours are rehabilitated. Premises in which girls and women exhibiting deviant behaviours will be rehabilitated are also under construction and near completion.

Nyamagabe Rehabilitation Centre which is under construction and will accommodate 1,000 adult men who exhibit deviant behaviours, for their rehabilitation process.

The main mission of Iwawa Rehabilitation Centre is to rehabilitate male delinquents from across the country so that they stop drug consumption or any other deviant behaviour, equip them with vocational and hands on skills that will help them integrate in the community and participate in the social- economic and political development of Rwanda.

To date 16,911 youths have been rehabilitated and graduated from Iwawa Rehabilitation Centre.  Among them, 7,249 youths were trained in literacy and numeracy program, adult education, among other subjects.

The total population of youth currently admitted in Iwawa Rehabilitation Centre is 3,947 youths, with 905 in vocational training who will graduate on 14th September 2018 and 3,042 in rehabilitation phase.

The National Rehabilitation Service is a Government Institution established in 2017 with a mandate to eradicate all forms of deviant behaviours by instilling positive behaviours, educating and providing professional skills.

This mandate is implemented through 3 pillars below: Prevention of acts giving rise to deviant attitudes and behaviours; Rehabilitation of people exhibiting deviant behaviours to help them change their behaviours; Reintegration of people rehabilitated from rehabilitation centres.

Deviant acts or behaviours are actions or bad behaviours such as prostitution, drug use, begging, vagrancy, informal street vending, or any other deviant behaviour that is harmful to the public. (End)



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