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Kampala officials in Kigali for study on city management

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Kigali: Under fire from the central government and the city’s residents over massive rubbish and disorganization, Kampala officials are in Kigali to see for themselves how things have worked-out here, RNA reports.

Led by Deputy Mayor Ms. Florence Namayanja, the 30-strong delegation will have lectures from Kigali city mayor Dr. Aissa Kakira on management and the national monthly cleaning Umuganda.

The Kampala delegation amused journalists and officials when they said they also want to know how it is possible that just two people seat on a motorcycle in Kigali and with a helmet each. In Kampala, apparently that seems to be unthinkable.  

Kampala would like to be educated on how to manage well-trimmed streets dotted with palm trees, and without potholes. Kigali adopted the style around 2006 and the palm trees planted then are now given almost a daily dose of water even when the city is facing a severe water shortage.

Wary that politics is not helping the city, the Uganda government has been rushing through a constitutional amendment to transfer management of Kampala into central government authority. Under the changes, there will be a chief executive and ceremonial mayor – a move bitter critics say is aimed at grabbing the city affairs from opposition control.    

A protracted media campaign has changed the felling of most residents of Kampala who readily agree that the city is appallingly dirty and hazardous. Potholes remain the face of Kampala although they were temporarily fixed in preparation of a major Commonwealth summit in 2007. But a few months on, the situation is back to usual, according to critics.

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