Police in Gicumbi recovers 29 stolen milk churns

Police in Gicumbi District, on October 21, recovered 29 milk churns, which are part of those that were stolen recently, and arrested 10 people in connection with the alleged criminal act.

At least 52 churns were stolen when a vehicle transporting milk was involved in an accidents on October 21, at about 2am in Maya Village, Kabuga Cell, Kageyo Sector. No life was lost.

The District Police Commander (DPC) for Gicumbi, Superintendent of Police(SP) Ndahimana Gisanga said that the first group that arrived at the scene that night, instead of helping, stole all the milk churns.

“The milk cooperative reported the incident and the subsequent theft of their 52 churns. Police responded and we have so far recovered 29 churns from different homes, and arrested 10 people in connection with the act,” SP Gisanga said.

SP Gisanga lauded the local residents, who are facilitating the operations. “When an incident happens, you give a helping hand but not to steal. We call upon the public to share more information on the whereabouts of other milk churns that are still missing, and other people connected to this criminal acts,” the DPC added.

The suspects were handed over to RIB at Byumba station for further legal process while the search of their accomplices and to recover other missing churns, is still ongoing.

Article 166 of law determining offences and penalties in general states that, any person convicted of theft is liable to imprisonment for a term of not less than one (1) year and not more than two (2) years and a fine of not less than Frw1 million and not more than Frw2 million, a community service in a period of six (6) months or only one of these penalties.

In article 167, the penalty for theft doubles if the act was carried out at night or by more than one person. (End)