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Party leaders from Congo Brazzaville, Angola call on RPF Secretary General

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Kigali: The RPF Inkotanyi Secretary General Francois Ngarambe, hosted ruling party officials from the Republic of Congo and Angola.

The party officials were in Kigali at the invitation of the RPF to attend the Congress that was held on Saturday, June 17, 2017 in which RPF Chairman was nominated as the flagbearer in the Presidential elections slated for August.

Mr Pierre Ngolo, the Secretary General of Parti Congolais du Travail, expressed his gratitude for being invited to the RPF congress and noted that his party enjoys good relations and looks forward to strengthening relations between the two parties and the peoples of both countries.

On his part, Mr Americo Afonso Silver a member of the Central Committee and Director of the National Commission in charge of Audit and Discipline of the MPLA (Angola’s ruling party), said that he looks forward to further building on the good relations between the people of his country and Rwandans.

The congress was attended by ruling parties from numerous countries as well as other Rwandan political parties.

Besides delegates from the two countries, other foreign ruling political organisations represented included the African National Congress of South Africa, the Communist Party of China, CCM of Tanzania, EPRDF of Ethiopia and Jubilee of Kenya. Others are National Resistance Movement of Uganda, PRP of Djibouti and PFDJ of Eritrea. (End)


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