RDF offers livestock and beddings to families in Nyaruguru and Nyamagabe Districts

Rwanda Defence Force donated livestock to 255 families in Ruheru, Muganza and Kitabi, Buruhukiro sectors in Nyaruguru and Nyamagabe districts respectively.

Mattresses and bed covers were also given to 41 vulnerable families in Nyagisozi sector, Nyaruguru District to support the local community program “Tura heza program “. 

The exercise was conducted on 21 and 22 October 2021.

The RDF Officials led by Regional Reserve Force Commander- (Southern Province), Col Sebuwa Meshack and local leaders in the two districts including the Acting Mayor of Nyaruguru District, Gashema Janvier and the Sector Executives handed over the donation to the selected families.

Districts and RDF Officials on both sides commended the good relationship and collaboration existing between the local citizens and the security organs.

Livestock were specifically provided to local residents to encourage them to start new farm ventures and discourage poaching in order to conserve the habitat in Nyungwe park.

Col Sebuwa Meshack told residents that the donation was aimed at improving living conditions for their respective communities and emphasised that RDF will continue to support community development activities. (End).