RIB has arrested doctors who are being prosecuted for forgery

The Rwanda Invstivation Bureau (RIB) arrested eight people, including a doctor, Serugendo Sylvestre and Mukakinani Clothilde, the owner of the “Sante pour Tous” clinic, on suspicion of making and using forged documents.

All of them were arrested following reports that they had issued medical certificates to those in need without having to go to their workplaces for examination.

All of them are currently being held at various RIB stations while the investigation is ongoing for the files to be submitted to the Prosecution.

The RIB warns clinicians and doctors to refrain from issuing false documents, in addition to being legally punishable offenses in Rwanda, contrary to medical deontology.

RIB spokesperson Murangira Thierry said such activities have a detrimental effect on the health of the recipients and the lack of medical care when they are sick, and even undermine the quality of medical care in Rwanda.

“RIB urges clinicians and physicians to refrain from carrying out any activities or to provide false information and provide documents that provide accurate information before assessing those who need it.”

Article 276 of the Penal and Penal Code generally states that anyone who, by fraud, writes records or misrepresents or makes a false statement is considered a perpetrator. If convicted by a court, he shall be sentenced to imprisonment not less than five (5) years but not exceeding seven (7) years and a fine of not less than three million (3,000,000 frw) but not more than five million ( 5,000,000 frw) or just one of those penalties.

The article also states that anyone who knows that a document is a forgery, and uses it in any way, is guilty. (End)