Rwanda Military Hospital undertook nationwide efforts to treat cataracts

Bugesera: As part of the Defence and Security Citizen Outreach Programme 2024, medical personnel from the Rwanda Military Hospital engaged in a seven-days screening process countrywide to identify individuals afflicted with cataracts for proper treatment. Approximately 400 individuals underwent screening in Bugesera District, specifically at Gashora, Nzangwa, and Mayange Health Centers. 

The screening phase, scheduled from 26 April to 2 May 2024 targeting individuals over 50 years old experiencing eye complications. This initiative is being carried out under the theme “Nanjye nirebere ibyiza u Rwanda rwagezeho mu myaka 30”. 

Major Fidele KAYISIRE, the Ophthalmic Clinical Officer at Rwanda Military Hospital, highlighted the importance of this outreach. He emphasized the Rwanda Defence Force’s commitment in treating individuals with eye diseases, enabling them to regain their ability to contribute to the development of their country. Major KAYISIRE stated that the screening for cataract complications is currently being carried out throughout the country. He noted that those who are diagnosed with this disease will be provided with surgical treatment, whereas individuals with other types of eye problems will be advised to seek treatment in nearby clinics. 

Genevieve MUKAKAMALI, a resident of Gashora Sector, expressed gratitude to the RDF for their humane efforts in ensuring the well-being of Rwandans. She emphasized the significance of this outreach, as many individuals often have to travel long distances to access medical treatment. (End)