Rwandan Peacekeepers in South Sudan offer medical services to residents in Juba

Rwandan peacekeepers (Rwanbatt-1) under United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) conducted a medical outreach campaign against malaria in Juba Town, Konyo-Konyo Municipality.

The peacekeepers in partnership with Society for Family Health in South Sudan (SFH SS) and Juba Town residents conducted general cleaning activities at Mahad IDP Camp. They cleared mosquito breeding sites like stagnate water and bushes around the area.

After the community work, the local residents were sensitized on how to fight against malaria. The peacekeepers also offered free medical treatment to 40 residents of the community.

On behalf of the Juba City Council authority, Mr Philip Petia appreciated the medical outreach and said it is helpful to reduce the rate of malaria cases especially in Mahad IDP camp and in their community in general.

Lt Col Emmanuel SHYAKA, the Rwanbatt-1 Commander urged the IDPs and residents to keep their environment clean as a way of preventing different diseases. (End).