Rwandan Police peacekeepers in CAR conduct Umuganda

The Rwanda Protection Support Unit (RWAPSU) operating in Bangui under the UN Multidimensional Integrated Mission in Central African Republic (MINUSCA), on Saturday, September 9, conducted Umuganda to promote hygiene and sanitation, and to fight malaria.

The communal work in Camp Castors was attended by the mayor of the 3rd Arrondissement, Atahirou Balla Dodo and other local leaders as well as local residents.

It focused on opening water channels, trimming bushy neighborhoods, roads and hygiene activities in homes.

Mayor Atahirou thanked the Rwandan peacekeepers for their exemplary peacekeeping and human security activities to ensure the health and social well-being of the people of CAR.

He thanked the residents for the good relations with the Rwandan peacekeepers and urged them to maintain the spirit; own Umuganda as a unifying factor to solve local challenges towards development.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Gilbert Safari, the contingent commander for RWAPSU, also thanked the residents and local leaders for their strong partnership in security matters.

He took time to explain the impact of Umuganda as a homegrown solution to address community challenges related to diseases especially those resulting from poor sanitation and hygiene; an ideal for unity and reconciliation, and one of the drivers of socio-economic development.

Rwanda Protection Support Unit undertakes special duties such as protection for VIPs, including protection of the SRSG, his two deputies, the Prime Minister of CAR, President of the National Assembly, Minister of Justice and the Head of MINUSCA Police Component, among others. (End)