Aucun représentant de l’UE parmi les 1.394 observateurs

Kigali : Aucun observateur électoral de l'Union européenne (UE) n'assistera à l'élection présidentielle de lundi au Rwanda, où un total de 1.394 observateurs ont été officiellement accrédités pour suivre le scrutin.

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DAY SEVENTEEN: President Kagame campaigning at home

Kigali: The RPF will Thursday be courting President Kagame’s home neighbours in Gatsibo district as he continues his campaign leg in the eastern province.

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Rwanda doesn’t belong to Hutu, Tutsi or Twa – says Kagame

“Which majority are they talking about because the majority is you people and Rwanda doesn't belong to Hutu, Tutsi or Twa - it belongs to Rwandans.” said... Read more »

DAY SIXTEEN: Mukabaramba goes to Cyangugu

President Kagame holds a baby in Kicukiro district (Kigali) on Tuesday evening as he campaigned there (Photo: PPU)

Kigali: The Party for Prosperity and Concord (PPC) reopens... Read more »

Kagame campaigns in Nyabugogo, Bugesera and Kicukiro (Photos)

Kigali: Incumbent President Paul Kagame was Tuesday in Nyabugogo (Kigali), Bugesera district (East) and Kicukiro districts (Kigali) for the latest leg of his campaign. For the morning, the RPF candidate... Read more »

La commission electorale revendique sa souveraineté

Kigali : La Commission Nationale Electorale (CNE), par la voix de son président Chrysologue Karangwa, se dit satisfaite du bon déroulement de la campagne électorale dans son ensemble, bien que la ponctualité... Read more »

La France préoccupée par la suspension des médias avant les présidentielles

Kigali : Après la dénonciation par Reportes Sans Frontières (RSF) de la  la suspension d’une trentaine de médias, le Gouvernement français exprime sa préoccupation au Gouvernement rwandais face à cette mesure, a... Read more »

Kagame warns: “We will fight whoever starts a war against us”

Bugesera: From telling western critics they can hang, incumbent President Kagame now says for those planning war, they had better take a second chance to think over their plans. This is after... Read more »

PSD proposals cover 90% of 2002 constitution – Ntawukuriryayo

Kigali: Less then a week to voting day on August 09, criticism of the candidates running against the incumbent President Paul Kagame have not changed. They are accused of having nothing new... Read more »

Critics launch campaign against Rwanda elections

Kigali: Hours after President Kagame firing at his fierce foreign critics telling them to “go hang”, they are countering with a drive to put Rwanda in the spotlight – less than seven... Read more »