“Rwanda to spend US $ 50 million for the purchase of vaccines against Covid-19” – Minister Ngamije

Rwanda will spend US $ 50 million to purchase Covid-19 vaccines, according to Minister of Health Dr Daniel Ngamije.

He made the remarks after receiving the first batch of AstraZeneca vaccines sent to Rwanda as part of Covax.

Considering the vaccines that Covax will provide and other vaccines that will be procured through the African Union (AU), as well as other vaccines that will be procured through negotiations with vaccine-producing industries, it is proved that Rwanda will have to spend US $ 50 million.

In an interview with the Minister of Health, the finding is that all vaccines for 60% of the population, or 7.8 million inhabitants, only 1/3 of the vaccines will be available, and the rest will be purchased by the country.

“The planned budget is US $ 50 million. 1/3 will be provided free of charge. For the 2/3 of the vaccines which remain, ie 30 billion Rwf, it is a high sum that the government will have to find to vaccinate the 7.8 million inhabitants”, he indicated.

He said it is difficult for the private sector to buy vaccines against Covid-19. The task is not easy for countries too. To do this, authorization must be obtained from the Ministry of Health, which assesses whether the vaccines ordered are within standards and in compliance with UN requirements.

“The solution is for there to be more new approved vaccines, as well as easier access to their markets,” continued Minister Ngamije. (End)

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