Rwanda’s favorite festival KIGALIUP is back after a 3-year hiatus!

The world has been shaken up to the core by a global pandemic that disrupted all industries, businesses and economies, amongst those, operators in the cultural and entertainment sectors were deeply affected and spent the last 2 years wondering if the creative landscape will ever go back to normal. 

Finally, 2022 appeared to be the year of the recovery and the reboot, which is manifested through a plethora of diverse events, club nights and live music performances all over the world and the Rwandan capital has already hosted major global events such as the BAL and CHOGM, as well as a plethora of international stars have filled up Kigali’s best-loved venues.

 However traumatic, the silver lining of the pandemic is how artists didn’t have other choices but to either stay home doing nothing, change careers or work on honing their skills, polish their crafts and create new fresh materials as the music took a central role in keeping spirits high offering an alternative to desperation and reduced anxiety. 

One such place where the music never stopped is the Rwandan School of Art and Music (RSAM), where students kept acquiring new skills, practicing their art and producing new music. Since day one, the concept of developing music education and the birth of the Kigali Up platform in Rwanda has always been co-dependent and interlinked as the ultimate goal of this annual platform is to professionalize and promote Rwandan Music to the world. 

That mission was already accomplished by the 3rd year when Kigali Up was ranked among the 7th Most Important Festival in Africa. 11 years after its arrival on the Rwandan music scene, KU symbolize a mission fulfilled as the entertainment industry has transformed and positively evolved for the better since the first edition in 2011. 

The 2022 festival edition comes with a refined formula focusing on Music Made In Rwanda by artists not usually supported by radio and TV. 

“From Gakondo Roots to Modern Traditional via Afro Pop, Jazz, Reggae and Groovy World Class original music …. All the artists are graduates from the music program – This is a Rwandan School of Art & Music (RSAM) Special”- Mighty Popo KIGALIUP Founder and RSAM Director. 

Spread over two stages in the newly open surrounding of the Centre Cultural Français fully equipped with a Stage, Beer Garden and Food Court, audiences will be spoiled for a great musical day of finely curated artist lineup playing 100% live; Igor Mabano, Shami, Methusela, Dawidi&Zando, Joey Blake, Jey-Sha, Abijuru, Soso (Inanga), Shauku Band, Fox Makare as well as the RSAM Choir, Gakondo and many more … (End)