Experts gather in Kigali to boost Science-Policy Interface

It is essential to build science advice capacity and include science advice in policy for the benefit of societies world-wide. Key elements of our daily lives and future, such as climate change, inequalities, health, food security, energy, urban planning, and AI, hinge upon the success of this endeavor.

While the pandemic illustrated the coupled impact of science advice and policy in making life saving vaccines and providing access to reliable information, science advising is still limited to technical diagnosis and isolated policy solutions. There is an urgent need to advance science advice for policy decisions.

Our well-being as economies, societies, and individuals requires governments and science advisors to apply comprehensive, inclusive, and multi-dimensional approaches when formulating policies, and ask:  Will these decisions take science advice into account for more effective and beneficial policies?  Will they be inclusive? Will they be sustainable by building?  Transforming policies with science requires a global conversation.  

WHAT: INGSA2024 is organized by the Intergovernmental Network of Governmental Science Advisors, in partnership with leading organizations in the science advice ecosystem. The 2-day event will gather delegates from 60 countries and focuses on the diversity and inclusion within the iterative and dynamic process of science advice.  

Titled “The Transformation Imperative: Expanded Evidence for Inclusive Policies in Diverse Contexts”, the program comprises six plenary sessions and sixteen parallel sessions structured around three concepts of transformation, expanded evidence, and inclusion.  

Some of the topics of discussion include:

•City-led Science Diplomacy: Leveraging Evidence and Cooperation for More Resilient Cities;

•AI for Evidence-Informed Policymaking: Developing a Framework;

•Unleashing the Transformative Potential of African Science Advice: Towards an Africa Science Leaders Forum;

•Expanded Evidence: New Wisdom for Complex Problems;

•The Transformation Imperative – Science and Shaping the Transformations We Want to See. (End)